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Asia Genomics has a large array of genetic tests, with two major classifications: Reproductive and Cancer. While these are our most sought after tests, we also offer tests that address other areas of concern.


Asia Genomics has three offerings that address this particular arena. First is the Non-Invasive Pre Natal Test or more popularly referred to as NIPT. Most expecting mothers worry about their baby’s health, most especially those who are classified as high-risk. With NIPT, you can now check for the possibility of having certain genetic mutations in as early as ten weeks of your pregnancy. As it only requires a simple blood draw, it is safe and non-invasive, as it is reliable.
Asia Genomics also performs carrier screening. Each person’s genetic make up can be affected by his mother and father’s genes, this test allows you to discover what conditions you may possibly pass on to your children.


The number of people being diagnosed with cancer rises every year. These said cases can be divided into two kinds: hereditary and somatic. The first one refers to cancers that you may have inherited from your family members. By screening for the presence of these genes in your system, early detection may now lead to prevention. On the other hand, Somatic cancers refer to the kind that came from other sources and can be attributed to mutations that have accumulated in a person’s cells and tissues over time. Asia Genomics also has a test that may be able to help you understand deeper the status of your condition, and possibly come up with a more targeted approach in terms of treatment.

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