Genetic Counseling Support Services

In Asia Genomics, we appreciate the importance of genetic counseling as an important component of genetic testing and genetic services. Therefore, we have established genetic counseling support for physicians and a genetic counseling clinic for patients.

Genetic Counseling Physician Support

  • Direct support to physicians interested in ordering testing through Asia Genomics.
  • Genetic resources to facilitate genetic counseling on our test panels.
  • Genetic Counselors are available to attend to enquiries by physicians about genetic testing and results.

You may also contact us at for further inquiries related to genetic counseling services.

When to seek genetic counseling

Family history

  • If you have been diagnosed with a genetic condition.
  • If you, your spouse or a family member has had a child with a birth defect or genetic condition.
  • If you or your spouse is concerned about a condition in your family being passed on to your children.
  • If you have 2 or more close relatives who had breast, ovarian and bowel/colon cancer younger than 50 years old.

Pregnancy related

  • Pregnant woman interested to seek information on prenatal screening and prenatal testing.
  • Woman with history of still birth or more than three miscarriages.
  • Suspected fetal abnormality detected during pregnancy during prenatal screening.
  • If you have been exposed to potential teratogen (or medication during pregnancy) which may cause a birth defect.

Planning for a child

  • Pre-marital screening for genetic disorders.
  • If you and your spouse are related (e.g. cousins) and are planning to have a child.

Genetic Counseling Resources