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Asia Genomics Group, to which Imagene Labs is a subsidiary, aims to be the global leading Precision Health company focusing on Skin, Nutrition and Fitness. We provide diagnostics, insights and personalized products and services in both DTC (direct-to-consumer) and B2B channels.

Formed by a team with diverse expertise, Asia Genomics focuses on implementing world-class scientific precision health and wellness diagnostic tests to connect healthcare professionals with forefront, reliable and affordable Precision Health services.

Asia Genomic advocates and educates clients and end-users through an outline journey of advanced precision health and wellness tests, integrates revolutionary scientific approach with medical and technology partners to help transform the future of healthcare in Asia.

Imagene Labs

Setting a new standard in Health & Wellness - Imagene Labs offers a personalized approach to health and wellness, capturing the unique biology of each person through its diagnostics, which include ancestry-specific genetics, microbiome (skin and gut), epigenetics, and serum-biomarkers. The diagnostics provide recurrent longitudinal monitoring of the customer's health and response to personalized products and services, and additional technologies such as IoT wearables and facial tracking apps are used to enhance the assessments.

Molecular Lab

Molecular Pte. Ltd. is licensed by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) for clinical diagnostics in molecular microbiology. Our laboratory is CAP (College of American Pathologists) accredited. These licensing and accreditation require adherence to global standard best practices in sample, reagent, test, data and laboratory management.

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