A Better Way

Access new treatment options with a breakthrough blood test.


Both Your Genes Matter.

Our family prep screen will explore you and your partner’s genes that may affect the health of your child.


Cancer is no longer a foreign affair.

It is about you and your families. Take the most important first step to find out about the risks that will affect decisions on treatment options.


Enjoy Your Pregnancy.

Get peace of mind while you’re expecting.
Discover more about the health of your baby by getting a Non-invasive Prenatal Test.


Let’s plan for a healthier you.

Listen to your heart as it tells you a genetic story. As more diseases correlate with heart conditions, early detection can help you plan better steps for preventive measures.


Asia Genomics

Asia Genomics is a leading molecular diagnostics company driven to transform healthcare through the power of molecular biology technologies, including genomics in Southeast Asia. Formed by a team with diverse expertise, Asia Genomics focuses on implementing world-class genomic technologies with global accredited diagnostic laboratories to connect healthcare professionals with forefront, reliable and affordable genetic tests previously unavailable in Asia. Asia Genomics advocates and educates physicians and patients through an outlined journey of genomics testing, integrates revolutionary scientific approach with medical and technology partners to help transform the future of healthcare in Asia.